Do we know how much sugar is in our food?

Posted on February 6th, 2017

New Year, New Start is how most of us start a new year, usually with the latest diet fad or by joining a gym. These, for most of us only last a couple of month, then after the novelty wears off we revert to the same bad habits that we had before.

This doesn’t have to be the case, just by making simple changes to our diets can make a big difference.

Play Fitness are proud sponsors of the governments Change for Life scheme, which helps to promote healthy eating and exercise. They have recently launched a fantastic new app, that helps us be sugar smart.

Most adults and children eat too much sugar, with children having nearly three times as much of their daily allowance, sometimes without realising it as its hidden in drinks and most processed food. Most children are already through their daily allowance, which is the equivalent of 6 sugar cubes, before lunch time.

There are many dangers of too much sugar, such as:

  • Contributes to obesity
  • Rots your teeth
  • It’s addictive
  • Raises your blood sugar level
  • Robs your body of minerals

…and many more.


The ‘Be Food Smart’ app lets us see how much sugar, saturated fat and salt is in our food and drink. It gives tips on how to make healthier choices, recipe ideas, food smart swaps, how to shop smart and much more.

It’s great for parents and children to educate themselves on the food we eat. So, download the app today:

and let’s start to make positive changes!