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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Hands Raised

Posted on May 13th, 2019

Which pieces of equipment are suitable for KS1? The Pond Pack, Exergaming, Trim Trail, Mini Ninja, Boot Camp Board and Playground Markings.

Which pieces of equipment are suitable for KS2? Outdoor Gym, Exergaming, Traverse Wall, Mini Ninja, Boot Camp Board and Functional Fitness.

Which pieces of equipment are suitable for Adults? Outdoor Gym, Ninja Fitness, Boot Camp Board and Functional Fitness.

Does it come in any other colours? No, although it can be done at a premium cost.

How much space is needed for an Outdoor Gym? It all depends on how much equipment, for a typical project is around 65 – 110 metres squared.

Do we need a sign for the equipment? Each piece of the Outdoor Gym equipment comes with its own instructional sticker. We also recommend an instructional and recommendation sign near the equipment. The Ninja Fitness Course comes with a course layout sign and each piece of equipment has its own instructional sticker.

Does the equipment need a fence around it? A fence around the equipment is optional. However, the Outdoor Gym equipment for KS2 is not free play and needs to be supervised, having a fence erected helps manage the equipment.

Do you need safety flooring? For certain pieces of equipment safety flooring is needed.

How much space do you need to leave between each item? For certain pieces 1.5 metres needs to be left from any permanent fixture. This could be from other equipment, a building or fence.

What kind of flooring do you offer? Artificial Grass, Wet Pour, Rubber Mats and Safety Tiles.

How will we know how to use the equipment? Once we have completed the project, you will be given a handover that will include a demonstration on how to use each piece of equipment. Some of our equipment also comes with an instruction video, which is available to watch on our website and You Tube channel.

Does the equipment need to be maintained? The equipment does need to be inspected and maintained regularly. Once handed over, we show the person in charge of the equipment how to maintain it and provide a template checklist. We also offer a maintenance package, where the equipment will be maintained 3 times a year.

How long is the guarantee? We offer a 2-year guarantee on parts on labour for the Outdoor Gym equipment. A 7-year guarantee for the Exergaming. A 10-year guarantee for the Ninja Fitness range. A 3-year warranty on all electrical items.

What do we do if there is a problem with the equipment? You can contact us with any issues and we endeavour to be out within 48 hours. If it can be fixed on site, we will do that if not we will send the item away.

Is the equipment suitable for all abilities? Yes, it is. Most of our pieces of equipment work on the uses own body weight and have no weights, making it perfect for the user to work at their own pace and ability.

How do you differ from other outdoor fitness companies? We are an independent firm who values all our customers. We pride ourselves on the good relationships we have built up over the years. From this approximately 80% of our projects are through recommendations. Our products are of high quality and we are proud to have them designed and manufactured in the UK. Once we have installed our products we carry out a full handover where we explain how to use each piece of equipment.

What accreditation’s does the company have? The company is registered with Chas and Construction Line and all our installers are DBS checked.

We are a school, are you able to work in term time? Yes, we can work in and out of term time. All of our employees are DBS checked. We always ensure our working environment is safe and erect a temporary fence where necessary. If break and dinner times need to be avoided then we will take our breaks at the same time.

From first enquiry how long could it take to have the equipment installed? Initially we would carry out a site visit to inspect the area, we would then provide a quote. From placing the order of the equipment to work commencing is usually around 4-6 weeks. Once the project is completed a full handover and inductions is given. Then the equipment is ready to use.

Do you do free quotes and consultations? We do not charge for quote and consultations. We also carry out a site survey free of charge.

We have a limited budget – are you aware of any funding that is available? Yes, during our consultation we can advise on any routes of funding that may be available to you.

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