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Play fitness offers playground installation services across the UK


Play Fitness provides a free consultation service, giving expert advice on the design of your chosen outdoor equipment. We will share our knowledge and experience to support you through your project. Free advice is offered on funding for your project and we have fresh ideas to execute the delivery of superb facilities.

You will receive our renowned customer care where you will have a designated member of our team dealing with you on a one and one basis from enquiry to completion. This helps us to build strong relationships with our clients, provides continuity and helps us to deliver our products and services in fast response times. We will endeavour to continue this service by providing excellent customer aftercare.

made in britain

All our equipment is manufactured and made in Britain


Annual Inspection


It is important to maintain your equipment to keep it in the best possible condition. An overall inspection of all aspects of your site should be carried out once a year. The equipment should be checked and a written report submitted with recommendations for any necessary maintenance or remedial work. Complete records of annual inspections and remedial works should be kept.


Maintenance Inspection


A maintenance inspection should be carried out every three months and our team will show you how to do this yourself. The extent to which the playground is used and environmental influences are also factors that will help you determine the frequency of such inspections. The inspection of the equipment should be carried out by a competent person in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The level of competence required will vary with the task.

A maintenance inspection includes:

  • Checking the equipment for missing loose or broken components

  • Checking all nut caps and replacing if necessary

  • Checking that fixings are secure

  • Lubrication of bearings

  • Inspecting the coating and touching up any scratches or rust to paintwork using the appropriate paint

Accurate records of maintenance inspections should be kept.




Play Fitness is proud to say that all our gyms and playground equipment is manufactured here in the UK. By keeping our production sites close to home, we can keep a close eye on the quality of products we produce.


Design Services


When you choose one of our playground or outdoor fitness ranges, we'll be in touch to carry out a site visit to discuss the design in more detail. Our team will look at the area and suggest how best to arrange your equipment and which pieces may work best.


Installation Services


Play Fitness has installed hundreds of playgrounds and Outdoor Gyms since establishing in 2008. We operate on a nationwide basis and always use our own team, rather than subcontractors, to carry out the installation work.


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