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Playground, Sports Court, Ground Marking & Fencing in the UK  


Once you've chosen your outdoor play or outdoor gym equipment, it's important to ensure your flooring and fencing is suitable. Play Fitness offers a range of extras to allow you to build a package bespoke to your needs and means you won't have to source another contractor to complete the finishing touches.

made in britain

All our equipment is manufactured and made in Britain

Playground markings

Playground Markings

Ground markings are a great effective and economical addition to any area. They are durable, made from thermoplastic materials and non-slip ensuring safety at all times. Markings are an inexpensive way to brighten up grey tarmac whilst providing a stimulating environment for activities, learning and play.  We offer an extensive choice of designs from fitness adventure trails to Daily Mile Tracks. Our thermoplastic has been tested for slip resistance in accordance with BS 7188.

Instruction Sign with Post
Instruction Stickers
Plaque - Close Up
Instruction Sign

Signs and Instructions

The Play Fitness exercise sign shares information of how the equipment should be used and recommendations of use, next to each picture. We recommend a sign for the Outdoor Gyms, Mini Ninja, Ninja Fitness and Functional Fitness

Artificial Grass
Little Star Nursery

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass brings the look of nature to your environment. It has become increasingly popular and is widely used throughout both the domestic and education sectors as it is durable and can withstand being in areas of heavy usage. It offers a permeable drainage system, which means no more slippery and muddy areas. It can generate savings on up-keeping costs and is particularly useful if maintenance isn’t practical in the particular area.

As you are not applying fertilisers or pesticides it is friendly to the environment. Also as no watering is required, this saves on water costs and means your grass won't be affected by a hose pipe ban. It can be used as a flooring option in a range of colours or as a sports flooring, including a sprint track.


  • Anti-microbial, no allergens associated with natural grass

  • Cooler surface temperature than many unitary surface types

  • Eco-friendly

  • Low-maintenance - never requires watering or mowing

  • Looks great all year round

  • Drains quickly following rain so children can play sooner without the worry of damage


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Ridgeway fencing
Timber Fencing
Bow Top Fencing


In addition to your exercise equipment we also offer fencing options. This can create a sense of enclosure to your equipment. They are popular with schools as the 7-13-year-old Outdoor Gym equipment is not free play. Having a surrounding fence around makes it easier to manage a class of children and also provides a safe and secure place for them. The fences we supply are timber, metal or we can match up to an existing fence.

play bark chippings
grass rubber matting
Wet Pour flooring

Safety Flooring

Rubber matting flooring

The recycled PVC/rubber tiles are designed specifically for use as safety surfacing underneath play/exercise equipment. The tiles allow existing grass to grow through creating a natural grass finish which can then be mown as usual, leaving a soft safety surface underneath.



  • Absorbs shock and noise

  • Critical fall height of 3 metres

  • Moulded non-slip cellular structure with excellent durability and comfort

  • Ideal for green field sites, disappears from view once turf has re-grown

  • Suitable for all weather, extreme temperatures and resists wind uplift

  • Large openings allow liquid and debris to drain, keeping surface dry and clean

Wet pour flooring

Wet pour is a continuous rubber surface that gives a high quality, hard wearing, slip-resistant surface requiring little or no maintenance.

Mixed on site, the rubber EPDM granule and polyurethane resin mixture is wet laid to various thicknesses onto a prepared area.

The thickness and area of wet pour is determined by the free height of fall of the equipment installed. The correct thickness and area of wet pour is laid around each piece of equipment to provide a sufficient level of impact absorbency.

It can come in an array of colours and can include logos, game markings and images.



  • Safety tested

  • Low-maintenance

  • Durable

  • All weather

  • Porous

  • Options of many different colours with unlimited design possibilities

Mini golf couple
Mini golf product

Mini Golf

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