Trim Trail

Play Fitness has developed a collection of low level adventure trail products for Infants. They create a fun way to introduce exercise in to the playground. Each piece can be placed together creating a fun obstacle course which helps to improve balance and coordination.
Developed with safety in mind all the tread surfaces have slip resistant materials, they are manufactured using high quality HDPE and recycled plastic components. This makes them extremely safe compared to wooden ones that can rot, crack or cause splinters.

Fun Trail Range


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  • Rope Bridge

  • Circular Agility Run

  • Stepping Stones

  • Curved Stepping Stones

  • Stretch Posts

  • Stepping Flowers

  • Mini Hump Back Bridge

  • Scramble Tunnel

  • Curved Balance Beams

  • Balance Beams

  • Wave Ramp

  • Arched Balance Beam

Rope Bridge

Walk or run over the bridge, using the hand ropes at either side for balance.