Pond Pack

The Pond Pack has been specifically designed to promote active lifestyle in schools and to help develop children’s personal and social development. Children will experience the use of a gym and naturally develop physical and gross motor skills, such as balance, upper/lower body coordination and reactions whilst enjoying all the Pond Pack features. We also provide an excellent educational pack for children to learn all about nature and wildlife around the pond.

The Pond Pack is designed for ages 3-7 and offers a fun, engaging and interactive zone for Playgrounds promoting fitness and active play.

Full Pond pack


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  • Firefly Reactions

  • Duck Sit-in Rower

  • Frog Hand Rower

  • Fish Foot Rower

  • Dragonfly Spring Seesaw

  • Log Tunnel

  • Lilypad Stepping Stones

  • Bull Reed Spinner

Firefly Reactions

This game is fast paced and fun, it requires the player to react quickly to each flashing firefly light by touching the sensors and turn as many of them off in the time allowed. This is great to play on your own or as a team to compete against one another. The game features a narrated start and final score announcement and musical notes for user feedback during play.  All the power required to run the game is generated by the user winding the rotor.

Constructed from hard-wearing HDPE it will not rot, crack or fade in UV.

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