Functional Fitness

Play Fitness has developed a range of 10 Functional Fitness exercises stations. They help the user become more active by building endurance and strength.

Each piece offers a fun, self-guided way to exercise and are a lasting investment to any outdoor space. Made from recycled plastic, they are designed to last with no moving parts. They require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for public use.

Functional Fitness areas help to break down barriers to better health, by helping communities work to achieve fitness goals and combat health risks associated with overweight and obesity. They bring people of all generations, abilities and socio-economic backgrounds together.

Our fitness ranges make it more accessible and affordable to add high quality outdoor fitness to any park or green space.

Functional Fitness Range Layout


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  • Slack Line

  • Spring Hand Disc

  • Hurdles Bars

  • Exercise Bench

  • Parallel Bars

  • Sit Up Bench

  • Triple Bars

  • Vault Bar

  • Leg Raiser

  • Angle Press Bars

  • Instruction Board

Slack Line

The Slack line involved walking along the suspended length of rope. This exercise involves full concentration, ensuring the user doesn’t fall off.

It improves balance, increases muscle tone throughout the body, helps with posture and sharpens focus.

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