Outdoor Gyms – The perfect solution for Primary Schools.

Posted on April 25th, 2017

Recently the government have been making plans to help tackle the childhood obesity crisis. They have already placed a new tax on sugary drinks, limited the number of takeaways around schools and planned to encourage manufacturers to reduce the size of chocolate bars. Although they cannot tackle this problem alone, so have pledged to parents and schools to help and get involved.

To give primary schools a helping hand they were offered a sports premium that was to be used towards PE and sport in an aid to help children achieve their recommended 60 minutes a day exercise. Many schools used the funding to have specialist exercise lessons or personal trainers come in to the schools and coach a PE lesson. These ideas have proven useful although they weren’t a permeant fixture. The schools needed something that could be used at their convenience and that would be beneficial in the future.

The idea of an outdoor gym offers a perfect solution, it utilised the schools outdoor space, it is a permeant feature so could be used many times throughout the day, be part of a structured PE class and used during extra curriculum sport clubs.

Play Fitness have been working closely with schools since 2010 when our first outdoor gym was installed, to date we have installed over 150 gyms. The equipment consists of items that offers a varied cardio and strength workout, which is the best way to lose weight and strengthen muscle. It’s great for families as it is a way of encouraging parents and children to exercise more often and together. There are also many benefits of exercising outdoors, sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D which promotes healthy bones and teeth, it has psychological benefits and contributes to mental stimulation which can help with concentration and learning in the classroom.