Child Obesity is a ‘National Emergency’!

Posted on October 11th, 2017

At Play Fitness our strap line is ACTIVism starts YOUNG.

Activism ‘the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.’ We are pushing this agenda!

We will soon be setting ourselves as a company a challenge, a target, a mission to get more young people more active and making better choices. As a nation we are literally sugar rushing into a crisis!

Without more effort from parents, teachers, health bodies, local authorities, government, politicians, all of us! We will not be able to sustain our health service. Most of our children will suffer the burden of early mortality, have to live with diabetes, heart disease or some sort of obesity related disease!

There are warnings on all sorts of media every day and every week and there has been for a decade! But still the problem increases! ’50-70% of costs to the NHS would be not just reduced but eliminated if patients’ diet and exercise regimes were improved.’

There’s so much work to be done!

Take a look at this article:

Child obesity is a ‘national emergency’. So what is Jeremy Hunt doing about it?