Can Exergaming in school’s help tackle childhood obesity?

Posted on November 1st, 2017

Most of us are now aware that childhood obesity is a global epidemic. Overweight children are likely to become obese adults who could develop health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases at a young age. As these diseases are largely preventable –  the prevention of childhood obesity should be high priority!

The growing epidemic has put pressure on our government to address this problem – and rightly so. They have introduced a sugar tax, reduced the size of chocolate bars, gave schools an increased sports premium budget and have encouraged local councils to prevent new takeaways from opening near school grounds.

In the government’s obesity strategy, they have called upon schools to help get involved by giving them a higher sports premium to help get them started. The UK chief of medical officers recommend that all children should engage at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Currently many schools offer just two hours of physical activity per week, so are looking in ways to invest in this area. With schools having limited indoor space, investing in outdoor exercise equipment has become a popular choice.

Nowadays we are seeing more children inactive, choosing screen time over playing outside with their peers, these are the children we need to address. We need to engage the disengaged! Play Fitness believes Exergaming could be the solution.

Exergaming is already becoming a fast-growing trend, it is a form of physical activity that combines exercise and gaming. It links gaming fitness, functional fitness and interactive fitness all at the same time.

Exergaming has been proven to enhance classroom performance, it helps to increase learning, memory and critical thinking.

Play Fitness have developed an Exergaming Zone, perfect for primary schools, that consists of electronic play panels, balance beams, an in-ground trampoline and a spring maze. Creating a fun exciting environment that can keep children mentally and physically focused, in a world where fitness and technology intersect.

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